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What our clients are saying about us...

We have been looked after by Vince and Brenda since my first (early) retirement in 2009. Taking the advice of my friend who had been with Vince for many, many years, I contacted Vince upon my retirement at age 57. My first impressions were positive and we have been satisfied and well taken care of through the good years and not-so-good years since then. Looking forward to many more years of financial security with them.

Mike and Audrey

When we first retired, our finances were with a large investment firm. We would have a one-hour meeting, once per year and anything other than that felt like we were imposing on their time, so we were reluctant to ask too many questions. Switching our finances to VB was one of our best retirement decisions. Vince and Brenda are always available and willing to discuss all financial aspects of retirement. Trusting your financial advisors is a huge relief, you do not need to worry about finances when there is a solid plan with trustworthy people looking after everything. I have, on more than one occasion, told Vince that I’m happy he is looking at the finances because that means I don’t have to worry about it. Brenda does an excellent job with preparing our income tax and handles any follow up inquiries from CRA. Having someone to handle income tax is another burden that is removed from retirement. VB have a solid understanding of the retirement process as retirees make up a significant part of their clientele. Retirement finances are about having a comfortable, worry-free income stream with trusted financial advisors.

Dave and Linda, retired for 7 and 5.5 years respectively.

We heard about VB Strategic Planning Solutions from previous retirees who were very pleased with their financials, so there was no question that we would want them to be our financial advisors. We highly recommend their services. Even during difficult times, a pandemic year, they kept in contact to reassure us that everything was okay and our finances were still doing well. Vince and Brenda are very personal, reliable and professionals that we consider friends.

Terry and Norma

We met with VB to discuss next steps as we head into the retirement focus. It was really good for Andrea to hear from others rather than just me. Looking forward to all four of us continuing to negotiate through the curves, hills and valleys over the next forty years (in one way or another).

I know we have put our trust in you two to ensure our futures are secure.

Chris and Andrea

When we first met with Vince and he agreed to take us on as clients, I was so relieved to no longer be responsible for all our investing I actually shed a few tears. My husband passed away suddenly about a year later and Vince and Brenda handled the financial side with professionalism and compassion during a very difficult time. I still check my investments regularly but now I don’t worry about whether I am making the correct investment decisions, I leave that to the experts.


Having VB handle my financials has been a life-saving experience. Being able to pick up the phone at any time and ask for help when my husband Bill passed away unexpectedly. I felt relief as I did not feel alone having to deal with everything.